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                                                                                 EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!
ARC Beauty Salon is now holding a Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund in which over  At least the death toll from the April 25 devastating earthquake also known as the ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ has so far passed 7,900. As per the latest updates made available by the Ministry of Home affairs, the number of the dead has been counted at 7,913 till Saturday night. Likewise, the number of the injured stands at 17,871. About 100,000 people left homeless and over 5,000,000 people were affected .
You can donate Cash or by check-payable to FRIENDS OF NEPAL-NJ. Or you can also donate online by visiting www.fonnj.com. All donations to this fund will support earthquake recovery and relief efforts in Nepal. All of the money raised will help first responders find survivors and help give emergency food, clean water, hygiene products and shelter. To show our appreciation for your donation, ARC Beauty Salon will be holding a free raffle where every person who donates will automatically be entered to win a free manicure and pedicure at our salon. Up to three people may win! If you have any questions please call our salon at 201-773-0268 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.To read or watch the latest footage please click the link below.
Ray/ Ann Shrestha  $1000.00
Sanjaya Shahani       $250.00
Carmin Munoz          $200.00
Yolanda Rivera          $110.00
Iris Solis                     $100.00
Reema Hitang           $100.00
Puja Shrestha            $100.00
Shashi Shakya           $100.00
Doma Lama               $100.00
Ellie Patel                   $100.00
Anil Sarin                   $100.00
Patricia                       $100.00
Rudra Parikh             $100.00
Gina Jariwala            $40.00
Nancy Rivera            $30.00
Mara H.                     $25.00
Rosie Patel                 $20.00
Pinky Shah                $20.00
Pamela Lebron        $20.00
Others                       $93.00
Total ————–    $2708.00